The All New Boardwalk Matte Pomade

When we set out to make our Matte Pomade we wanted to create something outside the box, way outside. With so many iterations of "Matte" products that are now offered we wanted something different that would be like nothing else currently available.
What is Boardwalk Matte Pomade?
Our Matte Pomade is a clay type pomade that is Water-based and still uses Aloe-Vera as the primary ingredient. It has a firm hold and like other clays it gets it's hold from the consistency of the product itself rather than from hardening like gel type products. This means your hair will maintain it's style, texture and feel all day without hardening. This gives it all the desirable characteristics a non water-based pomade that also washes out easily with just water.
Why volcanic ash?
Volcanic ash is no gimmick, many matte finish products have a unique trait of leaving white residue in hair with dark hair being especially noticeable. To minimize this residue we added volcanic ash which helps in producing a matte finish and reduce visible residue. 
What about lighter hair? 
Volcanic ash works in all shades of hair. The ash does not tint your hair but simply reduces the visibility of the product in your hair.  
Boardwalk Matte Pomade was a difficult undertaking but has been a labor of love for us. We think it was well worth the time and energy to create and we hope you will too!
Coming Fall 2017
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