Our Story

 I created Boardwalk Pomade in 2015 out of an interest in creating a healthy alternative to popular water-based pomades of the time.

 I was working as an EMT in Orange County, California and needed something that would hold my hair throughout 24hr shifts. My partner recommended a water-based pomade that he had and I was immediately blown away by the performance as I had little experience with anything other than cheap hair gel and whatever my wife had lying around. I was new to the hairstyling game due to having a buzzed head for most of my time in the EMS field.  This was my preferred haircut because it was all I could manage while responding to 911 calls day and night.

I was now hooked on pomade and found a whole new world of men’s hair products and styling. I started doing more research and found many people complaining about water-based pomades drying out their hair and scalp as well as causing breakouts. I was surprised by this, especially in contrast to women’s hair products which seem to have “Healthier Hair!” and “Hydrating” on nearly every product!

Some time later I happened to bring one of my pomades to my Brother’s BBQ and had him check out the ingredient deck. He had experience making various products and worked in the manufacturing field so I asked him what he thought could be done about the aforementioned issues. It was that day our journey to healthy Men’s hair products began. We tested and re-tested formulas and ideas until we finally came up with something that had all of the performance without the damaging effects.

We launched our first Pomade and called it Boardwalk, drawing inspiration from our hometown of Huntington Beach, California. I created our website from my phone in-between 911 calls and our first product shots were on a gurney in the back of an Ambulance! Today our small company continues to operate out of Huntington Beach and we continue striving to improve and create new products with the same goal.

It’s been a crazy ride and we appreciate all of you more than you know, we’ve put a lot of love into our products and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

– Connor Wilson

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