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Welcome to Boardwalk Pomade!
Boardwalk Pomade is family owned and based in Southern California, drawing inspiration from SOCAL’s beautiful coastline and laid back surf culture.
Healthy Hair
All of our products have 3 requirements, easy to style, easy to wash out and most importantly, to keep your hair and scalp healthy. To achieve this all of our products are made from Aloe-Vera, are paraben-free and Vegan. We create all of our formulas in-house here in Southern California and painstakingly test each product with the help of Barbers and Stylists to ensure the highest quality product possible. Since everything is done in-house we are able to fine tune each product based on feedback until it is unanimously deemed to be perfect.
We have put a lot of love into our products and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
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